Data Entry

Data entry is a type of clerical work involving processes. Voice recording and typing to enter raw data into computer systems and databases, including the addition of new data or updating existing data, for example. This can include transcribing notes from meetings or important calls, uploading customer information from paper records to computer records, inputting expenses into financial software, or even adding sales figures into electronic formats. It's all about collecting, managing, and keeping track of the data your business needs. Data entry specialists can input information into spreadsheets, word documents, or the company's software. They may also be responsible for scanning documents. There are plenty of different types of data entry jobs, which can include "coders," "typists," "transcribers," and "word processors," in addition to straightforward "data entry" positions. They can be hourly or salaried employees, but they can also be contractors who are paid by the project or by keystrokes per word, keywords per minute, or keywords per hour.


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