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The M2 Pro powers the revolutionary Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network (LPWAN) An ambitious global movement, led by the MXC Foundation, creating a free, decentralized IoT network for everyone. Due to the low-power requirements of the M2 Pro, we’ve successfully changed the Mining world, making it easier, cheaper, and more profitable to mine multiple tokens, than before!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MXProtocol?
The MXProtocol is built on top of LPWAN technology, bringing the monetisation of data to devices. This is exactly what allows the M2 Pro to mine tokens. You can read more about MXProtocol in the MXC White Paper.
Regional Parameters
LPWAN operates in an unlicensed frequency spectrum in sub-gigahertz range. Although it is unlicensed which means the user doesn't have to apply for permission to transmit and pay huge license fees, it is still regulated and everyone needs to follow the rules imposed by the radio communication authorities of the given country where the device operates. Because unlicensed spectrum is a common good, following the rules ensures that no single entity will prohibit others from accessing it. Another example of an unlicensed spectrum is 2.4GHz and 5GHz used by WiFi, Bluetooth and many other protocols. LPWAN prefers using sub-gigahertz frequencies because it allows for communication over longer distances but because of this longer propagation, the regulations are stricter than short range communication bands. To make things even more complicated different authorities impose different rules, and allocate different bands depending on the region. To help all LPWAN adopters to navigate this complicated labyrinth of rules, a common framework has been developed by the Lora Alliance and is published in a document called the Regional Parameters available on their website. MXC Supernode servers are designed and configured to comply with the Regional Parameters guidelines, nonetheless they don't define all aspects LPWAN communication and still leave some freedom to network server operators in regards to the specific channel bands, number of channels and other parameters. For example US902-928 region specification used in USA and other regions respecting FCC authority defines 64 possible frequencies channels that can be used by devices but most of existing LPWAN Gateways can only use 8 or 16 of those channels and it is up to the network operator to chose which one to use.
What are hardware tech specs?
Weight 2 kg Dimensions 101 × 226 × 73 mm CPU NXP MCIMX6G2CVM05AB, 528MHz, Arm Cortex-A7 Memory 256MB DDR3 RAM/ 256MB NAND FLASH Storage Memory Optional SSD up to 32GB or industrial SD-Card LoRa Radio Two SX1303 chipsets, 16 frequency channels Supports EU868, US915, AS920, AS923, AU915, KR920, IN865 regions Wi-Fi 2.412GHz – 2.484GHz, IEEE 802 Part 11b/g/n (802.11b/g/n) GPS UBlox Max 7Q GNSS receiver with additional LNA Ethernet RJ45 10/100 Mbit LAN with 24V POE Console Through USB-C as virtual COM port Interface USB-C with PD for console UART and Power USB-A 2.0 Host Reset Button Internal Sensors 3-Axis Accelerometer Pressure Sensor Temperature Sensors Voltage and Current monitoring Antenna interface 4x SMA connectors, waterproof Power Supply 24V DC passive PoE or USB-C PD rev 2.0 up to 22V Power Consumption 3.5W on average, peak 6W Operating Temperature -40oC to 85oC Enclosure ASA plastic, IP66 rating, anti-UV Size (without antennas) 101 x 226 x 73 mm Weight 0.4kg Worldwide Carrier Certification (4G LTE Optional) Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile, Rogers, Telus, Verizon, Telstra, KT, SKT, NTT, DOCOMO, KDDI. Cert: FCC, CE, RCM, KC
What are the minimum requirements?
All you need is a stable internet connection and electricity to plug the M2 Pro in.
How does the M2 Pro work with the DataDash app?
The M2 Pro works seamlessly with the DataDash app. The DataDash app allows users to monitor their profits, adjust their mining and staking needs, and withdraw their mined/staked tokens. DataDash is a sleek and super simple app that allows users to not only mine MXC with the M2 Pro, but also allows users to mine multiple tokens. The MXC Foundation will continue to develop a wide range of “on the go” products, which will integrate with the DataDash app. We look forward to building the DataDash app into a hub for tokens, mining, data trading, and the functional usage of M2 Pro devices and sensors, with the ability to monitor and control their data and general functionality.
What tokens does the M2 Pro mine?
The M2 Pro is a multi-token Crypto Miner, a unique front-runner in the world of Multi-Token Miners and the leader in the world of IoT Mining. The M2 Pro currently mines $MXC, $DHX / DataHighway , and $BTC/Bitcoin. And Polkadot will be launched in 2022. The mining process is planned to be simultaneous, cross token. The M2 Pro will continue to add further tokens as we continue to spread across the globe. The uniqueness of the M2 Pro comes from the PoP or “Proof Of Participation” model, allowing users who participate in the Global Data Network to profit from their network.

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